January 09th, 2024

New Techniques and Training Instruction at La Quinta Resort & Club's Golf Academy

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Taking lessons from a professional golf instructor is one of the most effective ways to lower your scores and improve your game, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player. While it takes time to build up your skills, it can be learned from an experienced professional who has been there before you. Golf lessons can help you develop a better swing technique, manage your game's mental aspects, and make smarter decisions on the course. At La Quinta Resort & Club and PGA WEST, you can benefit from world-class golf instruction and improvement training, from club-fitting to mobilization exercises. The golf academy provides:

  • State-of-the-art video analysis
  • Premium on-course instruction
  • Sophisticated launch monitor systems

The mission of the PGA WEST Golf Academy is to offer the best golf instruction in the world. Golf instruction is comprised of several components, including mental and physical well-being, custom club fitting, state-of-the-art video analysis, sophisticated launch monitor systems, and on-course instruction. All of these components are taken into account to give the ultimate instructional experience. Each student will eventually have a clearer picture of the path of improving their game. The team at the PGA WEST Golf Academy will be there to help you better your game, one swing at a time.

There is more to the PGA WEST Golf Academy than a personalized one-on-one golf lesson. They also offer several group programs to improve golf knowledge with a focus on a fun and exciting atmosphere promoting team building, synergy, and a unique experience. With a first-class driving range and a breathtaking view of the Santa Rosa Mountains, you can get lost in the picturesque beauty of the Coachella Valley. The PGA WEST Golf Academy can accommodate groups of over 100 people, and with a dedicated team of coordinators, planning and executing your group's event will lead to an unforgettable outing. Team building activities increase motivation, encourage creativity, and foster problem-solving.

Ultimately, choosing the golf lessons the PGA WEST Golf Academy offers will:

  • Help you learn how to improve your swing
  • Help you develop better course management skills
  • Help you gain a deeper understanding of the game
  • Help you be able to achieve your golfing goals
  • Help you enjoy more success on the course
  • Help you build confidence on the course
  • Help you learn the unwritten rules of the game
  • Help you learn the little things from a professional
  • Help you avoid or correct bad habits on the course
  • Help you build your bag correctly

The PGA WEST Golf Academy is the premier destination for instruction in California. Their world-class and nationally-ranked instructors will cater to your skill level and build an individualized plan for improvement. Located at the Western Home of Golf in America PGA WEST Pete Dye Stadium and Nicklaus Tournament courses, their facilities provide the opportune environment to master this amazing game. So, if you'd like to better your game, we encourage you to invest in the premier golf lessons you can take at the PGA WEST Golf Academy, regardless of your current skill level.