October 15th, 2018 #AskSean: Early Planning is the Key for a Successful Pebble Beach Golf Vacation

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When planning for your Pebble Beach golf vacation, especially with the 2019 U.S. Open being held on Pebble Beach Golf Links, we highly recommend planning at least 6 months in advance for peak season travel dates. For travel dates during lower periods, ie., winter months, 4 months in advance can normally do the trick.

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November 21st, 2016 Bucket List Challenge: Play 13 PGA Tour Golf Courses in 12 Months

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This bucket list has been inspired by a customer of ours that has set out a personal goal for himself to play and knock off one golf course a month that is played on the PGA Tour for the next 12 months. As a result I have created a list to work off of - A Bucket List Challenge, so to speak - to play 13 fantastic PGA Tour golf courses in the USA in a 12 month period. I have arranged this list in order of the upcoming PGA Tour Schedule.

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September 19th, 2016 #AskSean: My buddies and I are sick and tired of the snow. Have any suggestions for a golf vacation?

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Unfortunately, the cold winter months are fast approaching. So it's a perfect time to start brainstorming some ideas for you and your buddies for the perfect "Get the Heck out of the Cold & Snow" winter golf package.

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September 08th, 2016 #AskSean: Is Pasatiempo Golf Club as good as they say AND should we add it to our Pebble Beach trip?

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For the average or normal golf-enthusiast, when hearing 'Pebble Beach', they would obviously know exactly what is being talked about. Stating the obvious, of course. Heck, it's even safe to say that non-golfers know exactly what you are talking, but when you say 'Pasatiempo Golf Club', even some of the most avid golfers and traveling golfers don't know what and/or where it is.

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November 30th, -0001 The Golf Spectacular–GTJ's Most Popular Palm Springs Golf Package

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Without a doubt, The Golf Spectacular golf package is one of our most sought after and most popular Palm Springs golf vacations. With the combo of one of the best resorts in the valley and 5 great golf courses, this package is a must!

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