April 24th, 2023

Five Valuable Golf Tips for Beginners

Golf can be a challenging sport to begin playing. It's a difficult game that brings with it a wide variety of equipment and customs that might overwhelm any beginner. People find golf intimidating because it's a target sport, requiring precise swing mechanics and calculations to get the ball from one point to another. Still, if you've become a little accustomed to the game and want to master it over time, it's natural to want to learn more. These are five valuable tips from seasoned golfers that can help you become a better player.

1. Use the Right Equipment

If you're new to the amazing game of golf, you'll want to use the right equipment for your skill level, such as lightweight clubs designed for beginners. They are significantly easier to hit straight and far. You should also pay attention to the shaft, as too many beginners choose heavier shafts that prevent them from hitting the ball as far as they need. Make sure your shafts allow you to swing with speed, and opt for a graphite shaft, as they're perfect for beginners. Choosing the right golf ball is also essential. As a beginner, you'll want one that emphasizes distance rather than spin.

2. Start with Chip Shots

Starting with short chip shots when you're a newcomer to golf can be very helpful in learning the basic foundation of the swing – how to put the clubface on the golf ball. A chip shot is used on the putting surface with a low trajectory and travels mostly along the ground. It's the opposite of a pitch shot, which has a higher trajectory and more spin, being meant to keep the ball in the air more as it travels to the target.

You'll want to set up your chip shot with a narrow stance. Your feet should be as close as they would be as if you were putting. The ball should be in the middle of your stance to ensure that you make crisp and solid contact. You should hold your golf club almost to the point where you're touching the shaft, which will allow you to get a great feel for the shot. You'll want a very short backswing along with a short follow-through.

3. Master Your Grip

It's very important to make sure your grip matches your swing. If you're new to golf, it's best to start with a neutral to strong grip. One of the biggest mistakes golfers make is having a grip that's too weak since it's bound to kill your total distance. Using a proper grip from the beginning will also help you in the long run, as if you have a weak grip, it will be quite difficult to change it. Still, it's important to note that there's no right grip in golf. A proper grip should match your swing, body, clubface rotation, and forearm speed.

4. Don't Forget the Fundamentals

While most beginners want tips on how to hit the ball farther and figure out how to hit trick shots, it's important to remember that much of the swing happens before you actually hit the ball. Focusing on the setup is essential. Before hitting the ball, you should have a proper stance, good posture, and the right grip. Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart with your knees bent and, for longer clubs, widen your stance to compensate. As for posture, your back should be flat, your hips tilted, your knees bent, and your head slightly back.

5. Be Patient

In general, it will take a complete golf novice between 4 and 6 months to be proficient enough at the game that they can play a round of golf with their friends. Therefore, patience is of utmost importance as you're making progress. If you're planning on learning fast, it's best to take lessons and ask veteran golfers for advice. Most people new to golf can expect it to take about two years to become truly proficient at the game, but this varies from person to person, as each individual learns at their own pace.

The Takeaway

Although golf is a difficult game to master, learning how to play is going to be a very rewarding experience if you're patient and make sure to practice regularly. Whether you want to become a casual player or a professional, it will take a lot of time and effort to learn all the ins and outs of the game. So, be patient and perseverant, and you'll see the results earlier than you think!