December 21st, 2017

A Simple Tip For a Better Overall & Efficient Car Rental Booking

Back in my heavy traveling days, I was the guy that would walk by long lines at all of the car rental counters, and would just chuckle to myself. Chuckling because I would get on the escalator or the elevator and make way directly to my pre-booked car rental. It was perfect!

So this is where a simple tip that many people do not think about that will help you avoid these long lines, especially in popular warm golf destinations such as Phoenix-Scottsdale, Orlando, Tampa, and several others.

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Sign Up for FREE Car Rental Preferred Programs

Simply, prior to booking your car rental be sure that the driver signs up for the preferred program of whichever car rental company you work with. It's FREE to sign up, so it's a no-brainer. For example, with Avis their preferred program is called "Avis Preferred". Budget Car Rental is called "Fast Break". Upon signing up with one of these preferred programs you will be given a member #, as well as receiving it in the mail shortly afterwards.

At time of booking your rental, be sure to log-in using your preferred profile, then select the car or SUV or van that you would like for your golf vacation. Your member # will auto-populate to your reservation. The benefit of booking your car rental this way is that you will be able to bypass lines and go right to your car upon your arrival. For example, at Phoenix Airport, you will make your way down the escalator or elevator where you will see an electronic board that will display your last name and car location. This means that you are good to go, and head directly to your car.

Convenient & Easy

There is one important catch to this . . . Be sure that your drivers licence is always up-to-date, as well as the credit card you are paying the car rental with. If either one of these are not current, your name won't be on the board, at which point, you will have to provide correct information for both. At the PHX Car Center in Phoenix, for example, they have a kiosk close to the electronic board where you can take care of this information. Even with this little bit of inconvenience, you will still avoid longer lines.

Once you get to the car, all that's left is to load it up and drive out. Upon your departure, you will be required to show your drivers license to the gate attendant, then away you go.

Obviously, this process is very convenient and efficient. It's even more convenient if you have a tee time shortly after landing and equally the same if you simply have had a long flight, tired, and want to get to your hotel.

I hope this little tip helps to make your golf vacation even more enjoyable. 

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