February 03rd, 2021

Safety on the Golf Courses During Covid Pandemic

Golf is designated as a low-risk factor by medical authorities, so you probably won't catch the 'Rona by shooting for holes. But as always, it is better to be safe than sorry, and some preventive measures should be taken to avoid ending up intubated in a closed hospital ward.

There's a higher chance of contracting the virus through one of the amenities at the resort or club you are playing at than on the course itself. Try to spend less time inside your local clubhouse, avoid crowds, and always wear a mask indoors.

Breathing inside a mask can present its own health risks, as dust and bacteria will collect on the side, contacting the face. Always carry spares so you don't have to use the same one for longer than a couple of hours. Masks are cheap, but treating a respiratory infection isn't. Where restaurants and bars are open, the staff takes great care to sanitize dishes, cutlery, and furniture, so the risk isn't as great as one might imagine. However, if a crowd begins to form, it might be a good idea to finish your food and drink, get up, and leave.

If you're particularly squeamish, or food services aren't available (or you're not sure if they are), packing some lunch won't hurt. Golf can be pretty tiring, not something that most of us can do well on an empty stomach.

Booking and planning for your trip should be done online whenever possible. We here at Golf Trip Junkie do all our trip planning and customer relations via email to minimize human contact. We only book family units and small-sized groups, preferably people who have been quarantining together.

Bring Extra Tees and Balls

Borrowing tees and balls from a playing partner might not be the best idea in present circumstances. Throwing some extras in your golf bag can be well worth it and won’t weigh you much.

Bring Your Own Water

All courses have eliminated drinking stations in order to reduce contact points. Stores on-site may not be open, so it is better to think ahead and bring something to drink.

Golf Carts Are Less Available than Before

Unless you’ve been quarantining together, you won’t be allowed to share a buggy with your playing partner. This means carts will get snatched up quicker, and it will be harder for you to find one. With no carts available, more people will go for trolleys, reducing their supply as well.

Consider investing in a pushcart, or at least a lightweight bag, if you don’t fancy carrying your clubs around.

Bunker Rakes Are No Longer Available

Playing from the sand can be very frustrating, especially now that most courses don’t offer rakes anymore. You can always support the ball on your shoe in the time-honored Pine Valley tradition. If, for some reason, this isn’t your thing, mini-rakes are available from most online retailers.

Don't Let the Virus Bring You Down!

At Golf Trip Junkie, saying we love golf is an understatement. We are committed to finding all means necessary for you to enjoy a stress-free golf trip with your buddies. We're all in this together, so let us help you stay safe during the pandemic with some travel and lodging advice!

To book a golfing trip with us, just call 877.634.0790 or send us a message through the contact page available on this site.