June 30th, 2023

6 Reasons Why Every Avid Golfer Should Play Tradition Golf Club at Royal New Kent

Having the pleasure recently of playing several golf courses in the Williamsburg, VA area, I would highly recommend a round or two on the Tradition Golf Club at Royal New Kent. It will definitely test every part of your game, as well as bring a whole new level of appreciation for great golf course designs.

Here are 6 reasons why every avid golfer should give Royal New Kent a go.

1. It's a Great Mike Strantz Design

For many golfers, especially those who have traveled to Sandhills, NC, and played Tobacco Road or to Myrtle Beach and challenged themselves on True Blue Golf Club & Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, they know how great of a golf course architect Strantz was.

Strantz's Royal New Kent design definitely falls into this category, and others think so as well. RNK was ranked 5th in the state of Virginia (Golfweek Magazine) in 2017, which certainly says plenty about the experience awaiting all golfers.

2. Cool & Fun Elevated Tee Shots

If you enjoy a good mix of elevation on tee shots, then Royal New Kent will be right up your alley. And who doesn't, right? For some, it's the only time they get any air under the ball.

Joking aside, the elevation gives golfers a fantastic look and focus on picking a line off the tee. I would think that these looks are very appealing to the eye, as they were for me.

3. Test Your Game with Undulated Fairways

I know that there are golfers out there who prefer a flat lie on every single iron shot from a fairway, and that's great if you are one of them. From my perspective, undulating fairways help golfers gain not only a great appreciation of how the game is meant to be played but also a wonderful opportunity to test yourself, see how good you can get, and continue to improve.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

4. Rolling, Undulating, & Challenging Greens

Let's be honest...If all you ever face when putting are flat and straight putts, is that really that much fun? Being the superior putter I am, I certainly enjoy putting on greens that have some movement to them. It tests me. It helps me improve and become an even better putter.

Most importantly, it's a heck of a lot more rewarding when you roll these kinds of putts in, no matter the skill level. As with hitting iron shots off of undulating fairways, the greens will test you and help you to become a better overall golfer.

5. Not a Dull Approach Shot to Any Green

Whether we are talking approach shots on par-4's or par-5's, or par-3 tee shots, hitting iron shots into these greens, well, there's never a dull moment.

Looking back, I can't think of a single dull approach shot into any green. A very good mix of elevation change, approach shots over water, and uphill shots to very well protected greens.

6. Great Bunkering & Greenside Shots

When greens are missed because of the uneven lies from the fairways and shots into rolling greens, the short game takes a premium.

Whether a golfer's misses are played from the challenging and/or deep bunkers, uphill or downhill out of the rough, the tests will present themselves to give you an overall better enjoyment of the game of golf.

We have several golf packages that include the Tradition Golf Club at Royal New Kent. Two of my favorites are the 3 Night, 6 Round Williamsburg Golf Package and the 3 Night, 5 Round Williamsburg Golf Package, both offering great variety and different package price points.

Rather than taking my word for it, why not give Royal New Kent a go? Call us at 1.866.634.0790 to get your complimentary quote.