November 02nd, 2020

Golfing During the Pandemic

Playing Golf Is Good Exercise For Body As Well As Mind

Entering fall, the coronavirus pandemic doesn't show any sign it will end. Golf courses may be closed in some states, and where this isn't the case, safety guidelines are in place to prevent CoVID19 from spreading. The good news (or more precisely not so bad news) for golfers is that their favorite sport has been deemed a Level 3 risk factor for CoVID19, which is considered low. Quite fitting, if you ask us, since the game of golf isn't exactly a contact sport, so social distancing rules can be followed with little difficulty. Golf isn't cardio-intensive either, the small breathing impediment from wearing a facemask won't significantly affect the way you play the game. Running or biking might have you pause often to catch a breath, but the same can't be said about walking or riding a golf cart. Furthermore, depending on your state's regulations, you might not even be required to wear a mask outdoors, although we recommend you opt for one, especially if playing with a large group. Unlike many other sports, golf actually increased in popularity since the beginning of lockdown, with golf equipment stores reporting record sales for the past few months. It is not surprising to see why so many people turned to golf in these trying times since the sport can act as great stress and anxiety reliever.

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It is well-known that working out relieves stress and increases the release of serotonin, the "happiness neurotransmitter". Any serious golfer can tell you that playing over a dozen holes is a good workout, especially when not employing a caddy.

Golf requires quite a deal of brainpower in strategizing to get around the competitor's game and imparting a trajectory on the ball. It might not seem like it, but plotting your shot involves a lot of spatial reasoning. Furthermore, anticipating success gives a boost to your self-esteem by lowering negative self-talk.

No Better Excuse than Golfing to Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

Being out in nature can be quite relaxing. Enjoying the green, taking in the fresh air, and hearing the birds sing is a good way to take your mind from the day to day grind. Less stress also means a strengthened immune system, and God knows we need this right now.

But this is not all, relaxing with a day at the course has numerous benefits like:

  • Reducing cholesterol levels
  • Reducing blood sugar levels
  • Regulating heart rate

Being out in the sun helps your skin produce vitamin D which is required for the absorption of many useful nutrients. A lack of vitamin D from staying cooked up all day in your home or office leads to:

  • Stress,
  • Anxiety,
  • And depression

Heck, golfing sounds like a panacea at this point. So what are you waiting for, go out there and play!

Where To Play Golf During the Pandemic?

Now that we have covered the "why'" to play golf during the covid pandemic and touched on a few of the multiple benefits the sport has, we are left with the question of "Where" to play golf? Luckily for all of us golf fans out there, golf resorts are still open and are taking all necessary safety precautions. 

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