COVID-19 Golf Trip Junkie Information For Our Customers

At Golf Trip Junkie we always go above and beyond to provide flawless services to our customers, and we continue to do so during the pandemic as well. During this period we keep our services at the highest standards, and professionalism, to offer our customers first-class golf vacations.

When you book our golf trip packages, we can assure you that you'll be treated with the highest respect and professionalism. Your safety is our number one priority. We have taken all the necessary measures to ensure all of our customers‘ safety.

The good news is that our favorite sport has been deemed a Level 3 low-risk factor for COVID-19. Golf isn't cardio-intensive and isn't exactly a contact sport either, so social distancing, wearing a face mask when and where required, and respecting all the other safety measures can be followed without affecting the quality of your game. At some golf courses, depending on state regulations, wearing facemask outdoors is not a requirement, however, some folks opt to wear one as they consider it a significant step in doing their part in helping us all get through this pandemic sooner rather than later.

At Golf Trip Junkie we provide completely safe custom-built golf vacations. We have an impressive list of the country’s top golf resorts and golf courses. All of our partners follow the guidelines put forth by the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Please call us at 877.634.0790 or contact us through our website to discuss the details of your custom golf vacation.